Odoo POS for Russia (compliant with federal law 54-FZ)

Hundreds of points of sale in a single database

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POS on a tablet, smartphone or PC

This setup requires a Shtrikh-M 01F receipt printer, a Raspberry Pi 3 and a browser.
Tested on iPads, iPhones, Android based tablets and smartphones, on Windows and Ubuntu PCs with Firefox and Chrome.

The POS can work offline without internet connection during the day from start to the end of the shift. If online all actions are instantly recorded by the server and the POS receives any price updates from the server.

Our Odoo POS for Russia

Odoo POS standard modul

The basic Odoo POS modul (without our own modifications) supports basic receipt printers without fiscal memory devices, required by russian law. NAT is bypassed by Odoo's communication methods, linking the server with the receipt printer via the browser software. But the basic Odoo POS modul can utilize only a one to one POS to receipt printer connection.

The diagram shows the most common case of an Odoo POS setup, where the server does not have a direct connection to the receipt printer at the venture. In that case a Raspberry Pi 3 is required in the middle, acting as the so called POSBOX. The software image can be downloaded from Odoo's website.

Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Image and Text

Modified Odoo POS modul

In most ventures receipts are not produced continuously like in supermarkets. The time it takes to prepare a receipt or place an order is much longer than printing out the rceceipt. In restaurants there are dozens of tables each of them generating one or two receipts per hour. All tables are served by several waiters using only a single POS. But they could at least take orders from customers using a dedicated waiter's tablet or even more, each table could be equipped with it's own device for self-service. Shoe shops, for instance, limit purchases to the number of points of of sale, although every salesperson could be equipped to do sales. That is one of the reasons our modifications allows multiple devices to use a single cash register. Even in case several salespersons proceed their receipts simultaneously they will be printed nicely one after the other without any problems.

Federal law 54-FZ

54-FZ compliant

Odoo POS is compliant with version 1.10 from 2019.
Support for advanced payments and issuance of pre-paid orders.


Simultaneous work of several cashiers with one cash register. One PC / tablet for multiple salespersons or dedicated devices for every salesperson. Compatible with PCs netbooks, Apple's and Android based tablets and smartphones. Unlimited number of devices with a single cash register.

Simplified management

Remote control of Odoo POSBOX Raspberries and user's browser windows. Remote browser restart (upon software updates at the front office ). Remote POSBOX software updates . Receipt transfer to the server via the POSBOX with guaranteed delivery (in the standard version this is done via browser software an thus prone to failures).

Digital ledger sheets

Paperless cashier reporting

After closing a register shift the cashier specifies the cash amount for Odoo to compare it with the setpoint, prepare a ledger sheet and send it to the tax server of the fiscal data operator (SBIS / SABY). In case of occurring variances Odoo proposes to enter missing documents (self-collection Если остатки не сошлись, Odoo предложит внести забытые кассиром документы (самоинкассацию, выдачу аванса или зарплаты и т.п.). Чтобы заверить подписью лист кассовой книги, достаточно открыть приложение СБИС и согласиться подписать созданный документ своей ЭЦП. Бухгалтер следом поставит свою электронную подпись и документооборот за день завершен. Информация из Z-отчета сохраняется в Odoo и может быть передана в 1С для автоматического формирования там соответствующих проводок.

Аналогичная интеграция может быть выполнена и с электронным документооборотом Контур.Диадок.

Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Image and Text

Customized cash register interfaces

Odoo POS' flexibility allows for creation of user friendly cash register interfaces aligned with customer's requirements. 
For instance, we have developed an optic shop POS interface which helped to drastically reduce required operations to place an order for glasses. 
Without exaggeration, ordering glasses in Odoo literally takes a few clicks totaling in barely one minute, whereas using the previous system it took about 3 to 4 minutes. The instruction manual for the old system was dozens of unillustrated pages, Odoo's ordering manual is five well illustrated pages built right into the POS interface, including even a video clip. 
The learning curve for the new interface appeared to be so shallow, that the first involved shops did not even bother to read the manuals at all.

Odoo POS in restaurants

In Europe Odoo is oftenly used for restaurants automation. The modules developed for that allow to create visualized floorplans and table diagrams for simplified servicing. Managing orders for each table and every customer is done easily right from the POS interface. 

Odoo's flexibility allows it to be used for self service Гибкость Odoo позволяет адаптировать интерфейс под работу ресторанов в режиме самообслуживания. Можно просто предоставить возможность клиентам генерировать заказы, а для оплаты ждать официанта. Можно пойти дальше и позволить оплатить оказанную услугу безналичным способом (QR-кодом, NFC, через сайт или при помощи касс, с интегрированным банковским модулем вроде решений aQsi).

Odoo • Text and Image